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Who are we

Ungil Chais Fellowship is a Palauan church that has existed since August 15, 2004.  It started with only a handful of believers gathered at a beachfront camp to fellowship which led to more Bible studies. Through the transcultural mission and support of Good Shepherd Lutheran Church (, Ungil Chais Fellowship in Honolulu was planted.  It became the first Palauan Christian church in the U.S. and so far the only Palauan church in Hawaii.  

The late Philip Hasinto Ilab, facilitated the early fellowships, and was later commissioned to pastor the congregation.  He served in the ministry until he passed away in early 2007.  The church continues to worship on Sunday afternoons at Good Shepherd Church building facility under the leadership of Deacon Uchel Naito.

our Deacon:
Uchel Naito


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